Standnummer: 112

Thema: 3D-Drucker/Lasercutter

The MachLAB ML-1 3D printer. Good, better, MachLAB

At our booth visitors can see our first open-source FFF 3D printer, the MachLAB ML-1 with life-long guarantee for all parts and all customers. The ML-1 is equipped with fully closed housing, build-in filament dryer, XY linear guides, fully automatic XYZ calibration, removable magnetic print fan for easy nozzle access, original e3D v6 bowden hotend with capricorn tubing, all metal filament feeder with original bondtech gears, magnetic removable two-sided metal print sheet, power loss recover, filament runout sensor, XYZ crash detection, 24V power supply and printing size of 250 x 210 x 210 mm.

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