Crash of Realms

Standnummer: 8

Thema: Sonstiges

Crash of Realms is a strategy boardgame in development focused on positioning and competitive play

Wild magic tore the world apart, shattering it into island fragments and intertwining them in unpredictable ways. As the leader of your realm, you must tame this magic and wield it against others for your survival. Crash of Realms is a competitive tabletop game focused on action strategy and tactical positioning. The game board is randomly composed of miniature islands that can be moved during play, ensuring that each game is unique and thoroughly tests your strategic abilities. Players must make clever use of resources and master the battlefield to defeat their opponents.

The game is currently in closed beta version 1.2 during which we are building an active community of players to test the game before its release, and you may become the next member! At the Maker Faire Hannover, you have the unique opportunity to try out the game and give us some feedback or even design your own card! For more information, please visit our Instagram page. We look forward to seeing you at our booth, come and see or play!

Mitmachen: Try the beta version of the game themselfs.

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