Sam De Moor

Standnummer: A37

Thema: Handwerk / Handcraft

I’m Sam, a proud blacksmith who makes something unique from iron and fire. See up close how I use a hammer and anvil to bring simple pieces of metal to life.

In addition to my forging work I’ll be doing, I am also involved in a range of welding projects. These projects involve taking various pieces of ‚old‘ steel and welding them together to create unique sculptures. I use a diverse array of materials for these sculptures, each with its own history and character. The components I incorporate include chains, old files, sprockets, saw blades, old motor, old tools, … I’ll bring some of these projects as well.

Mitmachaktion: People who want, will have the chance to wield the hammer themselves and forge a small keychain. This will be possible in 3 timeslots of 1,5 hour each throughout the day.

AnsprechpartnerIn: Sam De Moor / E-Mail

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