Standnummer: 2

Thema: Arduino, Calliope, Raspberry Pi & Co.

We offer PCIe expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi 5 ecosystem with focus on networking and storage.

We’ll present all our products and unreleased prototypes at our booth. On top of that we’ll answer all the questions you might have about your own project with live troubleshooting. At Pineboards we always work on crazy projects for fun and most of them never leave our office. Visit our booth to see the world’s first Raspberry Pi 5 with a Radeon GPU and more!

Mitmachaktion: We’ll have one of the smallest RP2040 boards ever made running Doom and a demo of Raspberry Pi OS running on a PCIe GPU. We’ll also host allow visitors to build their own setups with our products and we’ll reward their creativity 🙂

Ansprechpartner: Michał Gapiński / E-Mail / Telefon +48513779499

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