Sustainable Pigments

Flavia Barragan and Alessandro Volpato

Wo: Workshopraum 3
Wann: Samstag, 10. Juni: 15 bis 16 Uhr, Sonntag, 11. Juni: 11 bis 12 Uhr

Teilnahme: spontaneously (please be on time!)
Kosten: 5 Euro

Pigments are molecules that can be found in great abundance and diversity in plants. In this workshop you will learn to extract the from the plants and understand how to see them into a DIY spectrometer.

Über Flavia Barragan: Scientist and Interdisciplinary Researcher, specialized in Medicinal Chemistry, currently focussed on Biomaterials and in the intersection of art, science and Technology.

Über Alessandro Volpato: Biologist that works in the bioinnovation field.

This workshop is part of the DIYBio series in Workshop room 3.

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