Let it glow!

Mirela Alistar

Wo: Workshopraum 3
Wann: Samstag, 10. Juni: 10 bis 11 Uhr, Sonntag, 11. Juni: 15 bis 16 Uhr
Sprache: English
Zielgruppe: Beginners

Teilnahme: spontaneously (please be on time!)
Kosten: 5 Euro

Living in a voluntary relationship with the sea animals, Photobacterium has developed a social sense directly connected to its bioluminescence. In this open workshop, everyone will influence the social life of Photobacterium in an attempt to make it glow. Practically, you will learn to culture the bacteria on agar plates and then grow it at home until it glows beautifully. Everyone is welcome to the workshop, that means also children and young adults. No prior knowledge is needed and all the materials are provided by us.

Über Mirela: Mirela Alistar is a biohacker actively involved in biotech research. Biohacking is world-wide initiative to bring the biological knowledge from inside laboratories to the people outside, through a series of workshops and artistic projects. Biohacking has been inspiring many people to develop new approaches to science, as well as to connect deeper to themselves and the org.

This workshop is part of the DIYBio series in Workshop room 3.


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