Geometric Concrete Planter Workshop


Wo: Workshopraum 1
Wann: Samstag, 10. Juni, 13 bis 15 Uhr
Sprache: English
Zielgruppe: Einsteiger/innen

Teilnahme: Anmeldung (begrenzt auf 10 Plätze, siehe unten)
Kosten: 25 Euro

Create an easy-to-make geometric concrete planter. You’ll start by choosing which geometric shape you would like to make – adapting it to your taste. Then it’s time to mix your own concrete, fill the form, let it dry and then finish it off – using varnish, paints or metal leaf. You’ll finish with an original, stylish planter that will transform the style of any plant and add cool forms to any décor.

Über ManCrafters: Inspired by the increasing interest in creating well-designed, artisanal objects by hand, Mancrafters aims to provide crafting experiences for everyone (men and women). Originating in Brussels, Belgium, ManCrafters has started up in Berlin. Our team of experienced crafters can help anyone – even someone with no craft experience – make a carefully crafted and useful object of your own. We believe that through crafting – working with your hands, focusing on detail and design, entering a state of “flow” with fellow crafters – offers a unique opportunity to both inspire a feeling of community and friendship and a sense of accomplishment. Our events are perfect for everyone and all events – birthday parties, team building events, home parties or public meet ups. ManCrafters started as a group of friends who organized weekend crafting retreats for themselves. After each weekend, friends, colleagues and family members would say, “That looks amazing. I want to do that!” We were so inspired that we decided to offer this unique experience to everyone. ManCrafters also have a booth at the Faire.


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