Fara Peluso

Wo: Workshopraum 3
Wann: Samstag, 10. Juni und Sonntag, 11. Juni, jeweils 13 bis 14 Uhr
Sprache: English
Zielgruppe: Beginners

Teilnahme: spontaneously (please be on time!)
Kosten: 5 Euro

Diatoms are photosynthetic microalgae that produce 20% of the oxygen on Earth. They are the most important little organisms that most people never heard of! Although tiny, diatoms play an immense role in keeping the planet’s ecosystem working. They’re important mediators of carbon and oxygen cycles, an integral component of marine food webs and the principal cycles of silica, which constitutes 25% of the Earth’s crust. The workshop will show the general diatoms’ features (photosynthesis, aspects, colors…) and how we can cultivate them at home. In the second part I will present projects that illustrate the infinite and interesting possibilities of BioDesign.

Über Fara: Fara is an artist designer interested in the relationship between the human and its environment, based in Berlin. Her production range from basic design to experimental editorial graphic, from illustration to 3D graphic and video animation, from bio-art to installations design. She’s constantly researching and taking inspiration from elements present in Nature believing that that it’s a great Strategy for Design. She’s collaborating and researching with artists and figures from different fields in order to realise her bio-art projects.

This workshop is part of the DIYBio series in Workshop room 3.


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