Mark Vandael 

cross-industry expert

Mark is passionate about creative change. He started out as a marketeer for Agfa and landed in innovation. Cross-industry innovation is one of his favorite topics. As managing partner of Bedenk, he is an international keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator. He is also professor in innovation at the Karel de Grote University of Applied sciences in Antwerp (Belgium) and secretary of the European Association on Creativity and Innovation.

As a professional ‘tree shaker’ he uses his +25 years of experience to help you invent and boost your business.

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15:00 Uhr – Keynote: Remake & Remix like an ideaDJ: Rock with cross-industry innovation! *english

Marks talk is all about cross-industry innovation. You don’t have to invent everything yourself. There is a lot you can learn from others. In his keynote he will share insights on what and more specifically how we can learn from other sectors. The participants can learn how to use elements of excellence from other organizations & sectors from around the world to their advantage.


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