ONO 3D, The first ever $99 smartphone 3d printer

Tommaso Bertolini

Sonntag, 12:20 Uhr (Dauer: 30 Minuten)
Raum 25
Sprache: English
Zielgruppe: Everyone

ONO 3D was brought to life thanks to founders Filippo and Pietro, who envisioned 3D printing as something accessible to everyone. ONO raised almost $3M through Kickstarter and, with few precedents to follow, the founders had to develop the new business based on intuition, entrepreneurship, trial and error too! Learning from this journey, the founders and the team want to share their experience with fellow Makers and help make their dreams a reality.

ONO 3D is the first ever smartphone 3D printer. From the simple idea of making 3D printing accessible to everyone, founders Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele developed a new system that allows resin to harden under the white light of a smartphone screen. Reaching the highest resolution at the lowest cost of any 3D printer on the market today, this printer ideal for beginners and professionals alike, making it possible for everyone to unleash their creativity and make their ideas a reality.


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