Make with Europeana

Nicole McNeilly

Sonntag, 12:20 Uhr (Dauer: 30 Minuten)
Raum 27
Sprache: englisch
Zielgruppe: Fortgeschrittene

How can heritage inspire makers? Europeana will introduce their online collection of over 53 million images, photographs, text records, 3D objects, and sound files from across Europe. They will showcase the best of their collection (from Art Nouveau and vintage photography collections to historic maps and natural history) and explore how makers can be inspired by digital cultural heritage and use it in business and creativity. #MakeWithEuropeana

Europeana brings together 53 million+ records from 3.500 galleries, museums, archives, and libraries across Europe on one platform. Approximately 40% of this content is free to reuse in commercial or non-commercial activity. Europeana Labs is our platform for creatives, where we host opportunities, competitions, our APIS, and datasets of inspiring, high quality, and openly licensed material, to help you build heritage into new creative designs, products, and businesses.


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