Green Approach to Make Makers in Emerging Economies

Babasile Daniel Oladele-Emmanuel

Sonntag, 13:00 Uhr (Dauer: 30 Minuten)
Raum 26
Sprache: englisch
Zielgruppe: Fortgeschrittene

My presentation is about a viable ways to promote the Makers culture in Emerging economies. This is based on the findings of a Do-it-with-others solar panel and 3D printing workshop conducted by the GreenLab Microfactory in Nigeria. During this presentation, I will be shedding light on a sustainable approach that foreign organisations could imbibe to support and promote digital fabrication entities in the third world countries.

About Babasile Daniel: I am a PhD candidate at the Helmut Schmidt Universität (Universität des Bundeswehr) in Hamburg, where I also double as the manager of the FabLab on campus. Moreover, I am the initiator of the first FabLab in Nigeria, called GreenLab Microfactory.


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