How to succeed in your crowdfunding campaign

Charles Babinet, Ilil Becker und Jean-Christoph Simon

15:45 Uhr am Freitag, 31. September (Dauer: 30 Minuten)
Sprache: englisch
Zielgruppe: Einsteiger/innen

make-itYou’ve got a daring, creative or innovative idea that needs to be funded? Crowdfunding is a tool and not magic! We invite you to be a part of the sharing economy and DIY spirit, learning from first hand how to use this tool properly in order to make your ideas a reality: How to plan your campaign: analyzing your community, realistically evaluating budget and duration; how to build the presentation; how to set the rewards and most important how to shrare and communicate your project.

We are the Project specialists of KissKissBankBank, the leading European crowdfunding platform, and we are on a crowdfunding-pedagogical mission, to support creative of all fields to gather Crowd and Funding.


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