Alessandro Ranellucci

Curator Maker Faire Rom

Maker Faire Rome is a large yearly event about innovation, inventors, creative technology, open hardware and hardware startups, attended by 110,000 people and about 5,000 exhibitors/speakers. As co-curator, Alessandro Ranelluci is in charge of designing the event, setting the topics, scouting new contents, evaluating applications (about 1,200 every year), inviting speakers, supervising the experts who work on specific areas, supervising/supporting all the internal teams, providing my domain-specific expertise to anything related to contents, talking to media.



13:20 Uhr – Panel Maker Faire worldwide: *english
Was passiert in Barcelona, Paris, Rom oder Shenzhen? Wir sprechen mit den Produzenten über Schwerpunkte und Trends in ihren Metropolen


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