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The xDroid is based on a 1:16 scale remote cont rolled car chassis and will be equipped with a high performance motor, a 4 wheels-drive, a flexible suspension system, and a high-capacity exchangeabl e NiMH battery (lasts up to 40 min). xDroid will be usable on almost every surface and durable to sustain bumps, flips and jumps as well as being wate rproof, dust and shock-protected. The computational power of smartphones an d tablets provides the basis for applying the game logic and process inputs from the xDroid car and xPoints Ð optional checkpoints that user c an use to further enrich the gaming experience. Mobile devices also allow f or players to receive audio, visual and vibration feedback for their gaming activities and to simulate various driving behaviours such as race, rally or drifter. Our connectivity system allows for up to 5 users to play togeth er. With this ecosystem we can easily transfer almost every video game set of rules to the real world Ð capture the flag, domination, tag game , check-points and any types of racing games Ð providing almost unl imited possibilities for gaming scenarios!

For example, users can arrange a checkpoint-race and play tag games with fr iends or collect points for making their car jump or drift and see how they rank compared to their peers in the xDroid community (through an App). The y would also be able to program the car to maneuvre a certain course and ev en create their own games Ð adding a creative component to the gami ng experience. Here are some examples of games for your better understandin g:
Capture the flag (multiplayer): The goal is to be faster than your opponent s! Once an xPoint starts to blink, the player who reaches it first earns th e flag. Be quick! Next, you need to cover all other xPoints to be crowned t he winner of this game. But be awareÉyour opponents can steal the f lag from you by bumping into you.
Drift challenge (1player/multiplayer) Work on your drift skills! Drift for 30 seconds within a minute and more. The better you drift the harder the ch allenge gets!
Code to Drive (1player): Learn coding with our graphical coding language! C ode an autonomous ride, set up a parkour and challenge your coding skills.< br /> Destruction derby (multiplayer): Who is the toughest rider? Bump into your opponents, hit them where it hurts the most and protect your sensitive area s. Whose life bar lasts the longest wins.

We plan to organise a test-drive

Ansprechpartner/in: Victor Rodionov

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