Sonic Alchemy A Maker’s Space

A space for creative work as well as DIY makers topics. Staying creative and inspired while finding time to be able to create and afford to be creative is getting harder and harder. Exploring creative outlets in making from robotics to cardboard and whatever else peaks our interest. A family exploring the creative process through testing and tinkering.

Speaking with people about different avenues of making from cardboard to arduino and finding accessibility. Also there will be a self made 3D printer as well as a Retropi arcade stick and cosplay items that people can interact with and explore. We will also have a working Mouse MSE droid from Star Wars. Finally, we will have some cardboard, 3D-printed and electronic projects to exhibit and interact with, so that people can see possibilities of materials that can be used to create.

Ansprechpartner/in: James Dougherty

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