Sonic Alchemy: A Maker’s Space

Standnummer: 26

Current maker projects including cosplay, sound, Arduino, 3D printing and printers and other projects. A space for experimental creative work as well as DIY makers topics. Staying creative and inspired with a a family. I have a family and two kids and finding time to be able to create and afford to be creative is getting harder and harder. I started this as a way for my creativity to pay for itself. That is my aim here. Materials list are found in the descriptions of videos as well. Including building working BB-8 Star Wars Robot, noise and drone synthesizer builds, guides and reviews on audio production, Costume and Cosplay cardboard and EVA foam builds as well as Arduino projects. Staying creative and inspired with a a family.

Tinkerers, families with kids, creative people and artist. From curious teens and college kids to parents looking for a hobby or to connect with others. Sharing the passion for creating and the motivation to make with what you have at hand. Ranging from building with cardboard and foam to Arduino and PCB. Keep creating in the mission and inspiring that in others is my goal.

Ansprechpartner/in: James Dougherty

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