Nowadays one of the biggest challenges is how to facilitate the life of people with disabilities. For this purpose many devices have been developed so far which can assist in many situation for the people in need.
My device is able to help the communication via sign language for those people who haven’t got the opportunity or enough time to study this language.
The fundamental conception of my equipment is the flex sensors. These sensors can be used to detect bending and then convert them into resistance values. When a person gestures the flex sensors bend with the fingers. In the sign language not only fingers but also the hands move vertically and horizontally. These motions need to be detected, too. So I use a simple accelerometer. An Arduino nano receives these resistance values and compares them with the sign language’s word values.
If the scanned data is equal to the language’s word value the Arduino sends the word’s audio files (which are stored on an SD memory card) to a speaker. Since this audio signal is faint I need to build an audio amplifier.

I want to introduce my invention to proof that it will work in real life. The visitors can try this technology.

Ansprechpartner/in: Zsolt Zsolt

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