RGB light guitar & other projects by DeLucaLabs

Standnummer: D1

Thema: Crafting/DIY

We are a group of makers from Fablab Belluno, that decided to found a collective to do crazy projects together, here we are going to show a RGB guitar and a bunch of other projects that we developed

In 2020 a group of Makers of Fablab Belluno decided to found a laboratory for creating interesting projects.

In this exhibit we are showcasing a custom electric guitar with all the body covered in addressable RGB LEDs. This project, named „Cromalight guitar“, was developed in 2022 to participate in the Thomann.de „diy kit challenge“ and finished on the top 10 best builds with honorable mention. There are 818 LEDs on the guitar, all individually controllable from a Teensy microcontroller both with a prerecorded animation or via a sound input. The sound is filtered through a digital signal processor that removes in real time the noise generated by all the LEDs and delivers a crystal clear sound on the output to the amplifier.

The other projects shown are all related with clocks and vintage or special displays. The „NixieLDL Clock“ is an open source clock that uses vintage nixie tubes from the Soviet Union: the IN-12. The main feature is that the case can all be easily produced with a 3D printer and/or laser cutter, and all the documentation is available on GitHub and Printables. The other clocks uses different displays like an ammeter, a flip display and some VFD displays.

DeLucaLabs was founded by Lorenzo De Luca. Lorenzo is the President of the Fablab Dolomiti association, in Belluno. In the past years in this Fablab he has been responsible with the laser cutting and engraving team and with various roles related to teaching 3D printing and electronics. He is also an electronic hardware designer in a multinational company in the refrigeration field. The DeLucaLabs team counts today more than 20 members, all with different backgrounds, unified by the passion about electronics and making.

Mitmachen: In our booth we are planning to explain the function of the projects showcased, with the possibility to test the sound of the guitar being played with the LEDs on. We will allow visitors to test various configuration of the DSP filter, to find out how much a system like that is needed in this application. In relation to the nixie clocks been displayed we will also show a tube without the glass with the possibility to see the inside construction in details with our explanation.

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