Promoting STEM in Nigeria: Through ‘One Student One Arduino’

At the Maker Faire Hannover held in September 2017, we attempted to raise funds to buy some Arduino components to implement the ‘One Student One Arduino’ project. During which we were able to raise almost 350 EUR. At the stand, as a show of appreciation, we would be giving a report of the first phase of the project, the present stance of the project, future goals, and also be attempting to raise more funds to acquire necessary tools and facilities to better discover and empower the future leaders in Nigeria.

At the stand, we will be displaying a sample of our assembled ‘One Student One Arduino’ project kit with the unique comical ‘Cartooino’ project book developed to aid an interact-able and exciting studies for the young participants. Also, we would like to display some of the unique products produced by the GreenLab Microfactory with the intent of getting some orders which would be used to acquire all the necessary tools, technologies and facility needed to better accomplish our objectives.

Ansprechpartner/in: Babasile Daniel Oladele-Emmanuel

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