Pocket Science Lab – An Open Source Hardware for Electronics Teaching & Learning

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Pocket Science Lab (PSLab) is a project developed by FOSSASIA (Asia open source developer community). The goal is to create an Open Source hardware device (open on all layers) that can be used for experiments by teachers, students and citizen scientists to learn and teach electronics.

The hardware comes with a firmware, desktop app, android app – all open source.

This tiny pocket lab provides an array of sensors for doing science and engineering experiments. It comes with functions of numerous measurement devices including an oscilloscope, a waveform generator, a frequency counter, a programmable voltage, current source and as a data logger.

During this Makerfaire Berlin, we would live demo electronics experiments and use cases of the device. Participants are welcome to try out and play with the device via their mobile phone.

Making electronics experiments with pocket science lab.

Ansprechpartner/in: Hong Phuc Dang

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