Php Controller

In these years, the industrial world is characterized by a new horizon that begins to be increasingly defined and tangible to the systems designers and their final customers. Technologies belonging to a new conception of industry, Industry 4.0, are becoming a topic of discussion among professionals, proposing new career opportunities for technicians passionate about innovation.
Today we are witnessing (and definitely would say) the entrance of information technology in the world of industrial automation and, in particular, of web platforms as components fully integrated into the company production system. This input, made possible by the irrepressible and convincing development of IoT applications, will generate a growing need for interconnection, analysis and control of production and non-production devices belonging to an immense spectrum of applications, because it will improve the performance of the machines, their health, the control of the production process and ensure a better working conditions for the operators.

IT engineers, software developers so far from industry and process automation, will now play a key role in the industry chain, being promoters of innovation and responding to the new market needs that will arise in the coming years.
From this scenario it follows that the programming languages that gave life to the World Wide Web, currently mature and extremely widespread, now turn out to be of extreme interest for applications aimed at Industry 4.0.
It’s the right time to propose a platform with great versatility and customization capacity. An IT environment by nature, highly configurable and applicable in various fields of the IoT. A web-based software platform with clear connotations of a software for smart applications.
Here’s what Php Controller: a versatile, customizable web-based software controller that can be integrated into IoT and industry 4.0 applications, with a modular and scalable architecture that is easy to configure.
Some applications will be presented to show the potential and versatility of the platform: a flying lab drone-based that aquires environmental data detected by on-board sensors and represented in augmented reality with 3D video streaming; a smart aquarium as example of an automated monitoring and controlling system manageble via mobile devices; a low cost home automation system with a very appealing management interface.

Will be shown some smart application for IoT based on Php Controller like: an health monitoring system, a flying lab drone based, a smart aquarium, a WiFi-controlled car.

1. Health monitoring system: a cloud-based application where store and display vital parameters useful for remote and real time diagnosis.
2. Flying lab drone based: an environmental data acquisition system with stereoscopic camera, that combines 3D vision techniques with augmented reality technologies.
3. Smart aquarium: an automatic smart management system.
4. WiFi-controlled car: the 1st php-based remote controlled car.

Ansprechpartner: Orlando Ceci

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