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Next generation 3D printing surface. First layer matters

Next generation 3D printing surface. Made in the Czech Republic. Our current products – 3D printing sheets OSEQ SAFE SHEET bring a smart element of safety. Indication stripe turns red as the sheet reaches printable temperature. Therefore, sheets are safe to use even in an environment with children around – such as schools and hobby groups.

The SAFE element also pays off in 3D printing farms, where operators can easily and quickly recognise the sheet’s readiness for printing. No more complicated reading of the display. This increases comfort and speeds up the service in a mass production.

The indisputable advantage of our sheets is especially their adhesion. The special surface finish with PEI – polyetherimide polymer together with our know-how guarantees perfect adhesion for the first layers of the print, which is crucial for the success of the entire print. That entirely eliminates unpleasant experiences when you leave your printer unsupervised for a couple of hours and instead of returning back to the finished print you only find a messy ball of filament – the so-called spaghetti.

Flexibility is another advantage in order. Our sheets are fully flexible so for an easy separation of the print you simply bent the sheet when cold and the print will just pop up.

Our sheets are also distinguished by a specific method of production, which is different from other producers such as Prusa. This dissimilarity lies in the special treatment of the input materials as well as the advanced application of the PEI surface finish, which guarantees trouble-free printing.

How to connect this great sheet with my printer, you wondering? Simple! The basic material of the sheet is a steel, so you only need to use magnetic pad in between. Whether we offer sheets also for your printer, you will find here.

We are OSEQ and our goal is to produce the best 3D printing sheets in the world.

Mitmachen: Make your own 3D printing model. Right here, right now. See how easy and effortlessly it detaches off our flex plate, when it’s ready. Don’t worry about burning your hand. We called them SAFE SHEETS because of our safe element which turns bright red when the surface is hot and fades away once it cools down. First time using a 3D printer? Wow, you’re in for some fun!

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