Our robot is called Nich (New Intelligent Coded Helper). The robot is 70cm high.
Nich can move around autonomously, avoiding obstacles (such as persons), in order to distribute medicines at specific times set by the users and can make periodic checks searching for the presence of dangerous gases, like methane. Moreover, he is able to store reminders and to propose them at the right moment (for which it was programmed). Through the webcam, Nich recognizes people he meets (but only a maximum of two). Through the use of internet services, the robot is able to interact cleverly: for example he can answer some questions about the weather, or it can play some music or Audio-Books previously downloaded.

As people grow old, their daily life is often subjected to important changes related to worsening health. For example a lot of aged persons need to take medicines during the day, paying attention to take the proper pill at the right time, and their family would like to be sure that they are able to do that, or that they keep in mind to switch off the gas after cooking, for example.

To provide a solution to this kind of worries, we have tried to build up a system that could monitor everyday activity and that may become a partner and a friend. In our opinion this approach can improve living standards, letting the family live peacefully and quietly without modifying the human aspect of the relationship between grandpa, son and nephew.

Ansprechpartner/in: Maria Grazia Berardo

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