MO.NAT: Modular Nature

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Living and working with plants improve air quality, make people more creative, more productive, and reduce stress. Pots and green walls are the most usual solution to bring nature in our lives, we wants to create an innovative way to solve this problem.
MO.NAT deals with design furniture for plants and flowers in order to make easier for people to bring nature into living and working spaces, with the aim of improving the quality of everyday life.
MO.NAT is for people who love plants, customizable and eco-friendly design elements, but have limited space and time to take care of them. „Modular Nature“ allow creating different combinations that can be adapted to the particular needs of each customer because they are flexible and easy to use. The vision of MO.NAT focuses on sustainable design for both the choice of materials and packaging for each modular recycled and recyclable element and the whole supply chain.

The visitors will see how MO.NAT was born, from the first cardboard model, throught the 3D printed ones till the last scale model. They can also try out different configurations, connecting the elements as they prefer and see how easy and customizable the system is.

Ansprechpartner/in: Sara Vignoli 

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