Kutì Kutì

Standnummer: 134

Kutì Kutì is a luminous construction game. Kids from 6 years old can play. The kid build different luminous blocks with simple electric circuits inside. Once he has built them, he can imagine any block combinations he wants ! The magic is when the blocks touch : they light up. The game turns into a lamp if the kid wants to. Kutì Kutì can also be customized by drawing on it with an erasable felt !

We are planning to set two different workshops to the visitors :
– A block construction activity, where the younger kids will be able to build their own unit, then imagine all the block combination they want (houses, cute animals, rockets, etc.)
– An electronic activity, where children will manipulate and understand how an electric circuit with leds works.
Plus, we want to organize a lottery play to win a Kutì Kutì !

Ansprechpartner/in: Pauline Arnaud

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