Kinetic Tones

‘Kinetic Tones’, is an installation that combines open source software and hardware, microphones, and re-purposed marble runs to create music. As a marble goes down the run it passes a series of trigger points, each trigger point can correspond to an individual note or generate a random note. In random mode the installation will create uniquely generated melodies and rhythms when multiple marbles go down the run at once. The soundscape also modulates and evolves depending on the frequency of marbles going down at any one point.

Visitors will be able to interact with the instrument and see how the soundscape changes depending on how they use the marble run. I will also be able to talk to visitors individually about how the instrument works and how the sound is created within the software (Pure Data). I would also be very happy to host a larger workshop on Pure Data or Generative / Reactive music as a whole!

Ansprechpartner/in: Andrew Hockey

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