Jugend Forscht | Smart Motor

Standnummer: 66

For our Jugend Forscht project we built a Smart Motor. Our motor has 36 slots in the stator and 24 magnets in the rotor. We designed and built our smart motor in such a way that any coil can be electrically connected and disconnected while running the motor. Similarly, every magnet can be taken out and put back. This means that it can be anything between a 36 slot motor and a 3 slot motor, depending on the torque and the speed that needs to be produced. We are working on a system that assesses which speed and torque is needed and controls the coils to save energy in drive technology.

A demonstration of our self built Smart Motor, an Outrunner.

Ansprechpartner/in: Poson Kuruppu und Yassin Ouali

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