IRIS2 – network radio and bluetooth speaker with audio spectrum analyzer

IRIS2 is Raspberry Pi based audio device capable of streaming network radio stations, and also acts as a bluetooth speaker. Device features:
– Raspberry Pi B+
– HAT module with DAC/D-Class amplifier based on TAS5721 IC (own design and build)
– RTC/NVRAM module (own design and build)
– Two displays: alphanumeric OLED for interaction with the device, and 32×64 RGB LED matrix for audio spectrum analyzer and possible other visualizations
– FPGA module for driving LED matrix (Altera Cyclone IV interacting with Raspberry Pi through SPI interface)
– Entire device is designed and 3d printed, along with satellite speakers and subwoofer speaker
– software which drives the project is written in C, with usage of BASS audio library, software repository is on Github
( All of the files (3d STL models, KiCad PCB projects) will be avaliable on Github at some point.

Additional features: alarm clocks, text to speech (telling time, reading RSS streams), and other minor things

Ansprechpartner/in: Wojtek Mitus

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