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I really love to make use-for-nothing robots such as Drinky (Drinking buddy robot). I want to make a robot for emotional purpose not for functional. This is fun, makes smile and feels good.
This robot is also one of useless robot but, I’d like to make a funny robot! There are many coin-eating robots (Robie). I’m going to make it by using 3d printer and an Arduino.
All source code and 3d printing modeling files are opensource. Feel free to make it by yourselves.

Hi, I’m Eunchan Park from S.Korea. I have 3 missions
Making „Happy Things“
Sharing How To Make „Happy Things“
Copying „Happy Things Maker“ for the world’s Happiness
In order to pursue my mission, I have a big goal. Building „Happy Things Museum“ is that. I need to make a lot of happy things so that I can display them in the museum. I’m trying to make them as happy as possible, as many as possible. I’d like to ask you to give me any feedback so that I can walk through right way. Let’s keep happy-ing!

You can try feed robot, control the robots and take a look how it works

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