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As the number of dual-income household’s increases, time spent by parents with children has been decreasing. To solve this issue, we have designed our system, Fam-On Platform. This platform is intended that it has increased the quantity of time by making parents recognized the lack of parenting time through time measurement. On the other hands, showing the amount of parenting time, it tries to decrease the imbalance of parenting time between fathers and mother as well. In this process, we manufactured physical wearable watch devices to promote children’s interest and provide direct feedback to the family. Also, we tried to improve family bond by family-sharing time, providing contents to share among family members through application including gamification elements. We have completed a prototype of our platform and conducted pilot test targeting a child.

We have three wearable band and mobile application. Each devices have tangible interface and interact each other. Therefore, the visitors can observe the interaction by wearing the bands on their wrist and operating with application.

Ansprechpartner/in: GA RAM LEE

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