FUFF / The Internet Of Animals

Standnummer: 124

If humans connect everything (themselves and things like lamps or refrigerators), will they start to connect animals to the Internet as well, and how will it look like? This bold adventure started a few years ago and among others has been interactive at maker fairs, workshops, and art exhibitions. It has been initiated as a FUFF project. FUFF is a platform for experimental and complementary forms and ideas of studying. (fuff.org) Regardless of the name it is not bound to a particular location. The projects take place at various places all over the world.

Visitors will draw inspirations and contribute with the ideas arising from them. Those ideas, which can be visions, technical ideas, ethical questions etc., will be collected and shown. Visitors can draw connections from the other exhibited projects to this one. They can come with ideas inspired by what they already have seen as much as vice versa carry the idea of connecting animals and seeking for solutions. Whether those become drafts or actually prototypes remains with the connections that the visitors will have to make (and are asked to).

Ansprechpartner: Ifuz Lutz

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