My Neopixel-RGBDigit project RGBDigit is a Full color (NeoPixel) RGB 1″ 7Segment display Arduino and adafruit neopixel / or rgbdigit library driven This project is about the development of my Arduino Micro / UNO controlled Neopixel 1″ 7-segment RGBDigit’s. The result is a multifunctional 4x 1″ 7-segment RGBdigit Arduino UNO shield and a 6x 1″ 7-segment RGBDigit Arduino Micro coltrolled backbone board both with a very accurate DS3231 clock.


  • Arduino driven
  • Runs with adafruit or rgbdigit neopixel library
  • 16581375 colors each segment
  • clarity up to 255 steps
  • Power 5V (max)
  • up to 10 Digits cascade
  • 3 wire connected (same as Neopixels)



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