MediaArchitecture Show & Tell

Architecture has always been a medium to tell and project the tales of a given society and culture. Today digital media culture provides the dominant mode of our narratives. We believe that today’s media open up unexplored dimensions of architecture. Our work is driven by a keen interest in the functional aspects of “intelligent” spaces; new concepts of interaction in space; and the development of innovative information systems. We will be showing several projects, amongst others TabTab, X-Change-Room, ShadowMaker, Froxter & DrawBot that engage Media and Architecture in distinct ways.

The exhibits are interactive, actively engaging Makers and Visitors. We are setting up a “small” MakerKiosk around the exhibit TapTap, where custom covers for a communication token can be designed. Depending on our sponsoring we hope to provide a simple version of the token at the MakerFaire.

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