How Barbie gets from A to B, #BARBIEONSPEED

Barbie has a problem with her personal mobility. She can’t walk long distances anymore, as the permanent wearing of high heels has finally deformed her feet. And even if her pink convertible might have been a super cool thing in the 1980’s – today she looks like a fool in it (at least that’s what Skipper thinks).

In this workshop with Niklas Roy, HfK digital media students and Niklas explored and constructed innovative and visionary mobility solutions for Barbie and her lover Ken.

This workshop was funded by moovel Lab

Works by
Annika Engelhardt, Chang Park, Guida Ribeiro, Lara Feldermann, Lukas Seiler, Marianna Nikulshina, Maria Eugenia Araujo, Maximilian Kiepe, Nourelhoda Sameh Kamal Mohamed & Niklas Roy