FabCreator is an innovative new start up looking to revolutionise the design and manufacturing process by making quality CNC machines accessible to everyone. Our first product is the FabCreator laser, with three versions there is sure to be one to meet your needs! The FAB-K is a DIY-Kit, available with or without electronics, it is a perfect entry level machine for makers who have a tight budget and love to build. The FAB-40 a perfect companion for people looking for a standalone no hassle laser cutter perfect for makerspaces and design hubs. The FAB-100 boosts a powerful 100W CO2 laser with an XL cutting area, ideal for people looking to produce large creations and on mass.

We plan to allow visitors to use the lasers as much as possible, designing some quick custom designs they can engrave on notebooks/pads, and perhaps laser cut some pre-existing designs to take away with them.



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