Grief in Desert

Standnummer: 134

Thema: Others

Aim: To illustrate people’s and societies‘ grief through an arid and dry desert

After the desert, dozens of words come out representing people’s feelings inside the society. Eventually, a chaotic color effect appears symbolizing society’s busyness and chaotic atmosphere. However in the end a bright light appears and shows the other side of humanity where positive and charming things happen. (such as donation) Projection ends with pigeon flying towards the horizon symbolizing our society to be peaceful and suitable for people to live in.

Mitmachen: On the screen of the desert, the screen changes when the viewer approaches. When a spectator comes nearby and claps, the screen changes to the next screen, and when standing there without doing anything, the screen does not move as it shows a cross-section of a selfish society. A performance that gives strength to the exhibitor by moving the screen through the audience’s applause, that is, the sound of cheering, and shows that society is still worth living will bring the meaning of this work closer to the heart.

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