Egg-O is a wearable cradle, born by a social project, to give a chance to all mums and children, running away from war bombing or natural disaster, to move easily and fast, being protected by day and providing comfort to rest by night.

It was subsequently adapted to be a design object useful to all type of mums and children with no distinction. Egg-O is a multi-functional object designed to improve the lives of refugee children.
Its distinctive shape makes it convenient to carry and easily assemble anywhere.
Egg-O is based on the idea of a simple object to serve multiple functions, that follows the growth of the child. First a swinging cradle, then a baby back carriers.

We will show how to use Egg-O, how to wear and transform it.
We will encourage people to try it and get feedback from them.
They will also see the animations and 3D renders on our computer.

Ansprechpartner/in: Daniele Volante

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