Druminator is able to play an acoustic drum composed by 3 elements: the choice is between the HiHat, the Snare, and the FloorTom (used as a Kick). The idea came from one of the components of our team, who is a drummer. The aim of this idea is to join together the passion for robotics and for the music. From that, a robot that is able to show how to play that instrument, but also an auxiliary help for handicapped drummers.
The usefulness of the project is expressed through the planning of a device that responds to a real need, emerged from a comparison within the group after the manifestation of the problem (in house, with friends, read on a magazine, …). A significant problem is the one with sustainability, that is expressed in particular with a limited budget for the purchase of components and with the valorization of disused materials for the realization of the new project. The recovery of the disused components and their rehash is fundamental. The social commitment is the direct consequence of the necessity of significant construction of the concept of citizenship. The projects which are developed within Robotika team are exactly the concrete try to respond to a real problem, felt important by the components, promoting a responsible use of the materials in an ecologically sustainable optic.

Ansprechpartner/in: Maria Grazia Berardo

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