DIY:SHOES by Raz:beri

At Raz:beri, we aim to cultivate creativity and maker spirit in children from young age. Our approach is to offer DIY kits of products that children can build up from scratch with their own hands, then proudly own and use what they have made themselves. Instead of providing ready-to-use products, we offer an experience of making them.

Our first product is a DIY shoe kit that allows children to assemble their own footwear in a game form. This original kit designed by us consists of materials and tools needed to make a pair of fully functional shoes. It is targeted to children aged 5-8, aiming at developing fine motor skills and visual perception, along with creative ingenuity and a maker spirit. We hope to give children more chances to develop confidence in the creative choices they make from a young age.
We just completed our first small batch of production, and we are getting ready to sell online. We are looking forward to present this DIY:SHOES collection at Maker Faire to promote our ideas and get some constructive feedback from prospective customers and like-minded makers as well!

Ansprechpartner/in: Regina Kraynyaya

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