CUBOTino (a tiny Rubik’s cube solver robot)

Standnummer: 69

Thema: 3D-Druck/Lasercutter

CUBOTino is a tiny Rubik’s cube solver robot, fully 3D printed and easy to build at home, that you can test in person

CUBOTino is designed to be very small, cheap, and easy to build, and is part of a series of robots suitable for different complexities and budgets. Currently, there are two versions available: CUBOTino Base and CUBOTino Autonomous. CUBOTino incorporates computer vision, mechanics, and basic artificial intelligence, all utilizing 3D printing technology. The robot is based on Raspberry Pi or ESP32 boards, programmed in Python or MicroPython. All project files, including step and stl files, scripts, and detailed instructions, are publicly available. Some references: The Autonomous version has been described by Donald Bell ( The Base version has been described by Andrea Spiess (

Mitmachen: There will be one „self-service“ robot, so kids will have the opportunity to manually scramb the cube and let the robot solve it. Other visitors will likely compete against the robot, and the faster will win. The images seen by the robot camera, and related processing steps, can be life-streamed on a large screen/TV, for a higher interaction. Despite the robot appearing simple, it includes computer vision, mechanics, some artificial intelligence, and 3D printing: All aspects I’ll be very happy to discuss with you! At the booth you can also consult „How to make CUBOTino“, a book with more than 100 pages covering many topics of this project.


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