CUBOTino, a small 3D printed Rubik’s cube solver that can be made at home

Standnummer: 91

Thema: Robotik / Robotic

Showcasing a small 3D printed robot that reads and solves Rubik’s cube, thanks to Raspberry Pi, Computer vision, and a couple of servos.

CUBOTino is a series of robot, based on a new mechanical principle that manipulates the cube with only two pivots and two servos. These robots solve the 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube as well as the 2x2x2. The more evolute version uses unsuppervised machine learning to solve Rubik’s cubes with very critic colors. Despite the robot appearing simple, it includes computer vision, mechanics, some artificial intelligence, and 3D printing: All aspects I’ll be very happy to discuss with visitors. At the booth visitors can also consult „How to make CUBOTino“, a book with more than 100 pages covering many topics of this project.

Mitmachaktion: Visitors can see how a tiny robot reads the status of a Rubik’s cube, and solves it. There will be one „self-service“ robot, so kids will have the opportunity to manually scramb the cube and let the robot solving it. The skilled visitors will very likely ask to compete against the robot on speed. The images seen by the robot’s camera, and related processing steps, can be life-streamed on a large screen/TV, for a higher interaction.

Ansprechpartner: Andrea Favero / E-Mail / Telefon +31616454085

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