Common Ground

Standnummer: 126

Common Ground is an open workspace and a synth shop of KOMA Elektronik. It’s a place where you can come by to solder DIY projects, check out all the KOMA gear with a cold beer or read about music technology in our library. We also sell a small selection of second hand synthesizers and a ton of DIY kits, which you can build at the shop immediately, for free. We also organize workshops, concerts and jams for everyone to join! Common Ground is our Wohnzimmer.

The visitors can play with:
– various modules in our modular synthesizer rack and listen to the results via headphones or a speaker
– KOMAÕs Field Kit and Field Kit FX instruments, which are connected with each other and with other instruments and accessories (contact microphones, electro-magnetic pickup, DC and solenoid motors).
– the video synthesizer Vidiot from LZX Industries and see the results on a TV
– the Playtron instrument from Playtronica which uses an online MIDI controller in the tablet and objects such as vegetables to make music
– several standalone battery-powered instruments from BASTL Instruments (BitRanger, KASTLE).

Ansprechpartner/in: Christian Zollner 

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