Zerocat Chipflasher

Standnummer: 89

The Zerocat Chipflasher is a true Free-Design Hardware Tool. It is meant as a handy Do-It-Yourself support equipment for the coreboot, libreboot and librecore projects. Core of the Flasher is the Parallax P8X32A Open-Hardware Controller. We want you to experience the magic of flashing and liberating your own Laptop with a clean toolchain!

a) Look at the Demo-Setup with an Oscillograph attached and get into Details!

b) Buy your Chipflasher Kit and get trained on sample devices

c) Help soldering the Maker-Faire Demo Chipflasher

d) Bring your own coreboot compatible device and flash it

e) Buy a preflashed ThinkPad X200

Ansprechpartner: Kai Mertens


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