Papercraft Pets

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I’m Brian, founder and owner of PaperPetShop. I make paper craft templates for people to create their own Paper Pets. This is a fun and interesting way to get children and adults making large 3D models quickly. The templates begin as markings on a flat sheet and by folding and matching tabs with numbers, one can achieve a large 3d model. Papercrafting is a quick and viable way to bring 3d models from our screens into the real world. The possibilities really are endless. Examples of how these models can be used to create solid objects will be on display. What I am currently working on is how to get these models moving.

I Hope to Launch a new range of papercraft templates at this makerFair that have movable joints. These will be manipulated by the visitors. The visitors will also be encouraged to assemble papercraft models using the kits that I will provide.

Ansprechpartner: Brian Mc Swiney


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