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Inspired by the increasing interest in hand-crafting well-designed, artisanal objects, Mancrafters aims to provide creative experiences for everyone (men and women). We believe that crafting – working with your hands, focusing on detail and design, entering a state of “flow” with fellow crafters – offers a unique opportunity to develop a feeling of community and friendship and a achieve a sense of accomplishment. Our team of experienced crafters can help anyone – even someone with no craft experience – make a carefully crafted and useful object of their own.

We will be offering a selection of different crafts – leather wallets, personalized leather luggage tags, and simple yet elegant keychains; geometric shaped concrete lamps (including wiring); Japanese hanging plant with macrame hangers – some of which can be offered on an open, ongoing basis and some which will require registering for a particular workshop time slot. We will provide all of the necessary tools, materials and step-by-step instructions.

Workshops by ManCrafters at Maker Faire Berlin:

Ansprechpartner: Miles Madison


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