Das Baumhaus Berlin

Standnummer: 19

A project and event space for people and organisations who want to make Berlin and the world a better place. We are a growing interdisciplinary community of people who combine our super powers to use technology, art, design and common sense to create sustainable (balanced) alternatives solutions across many dimensions including Personal, Ecological, Aesthetic, Cultural, Economic and Social realms of society. We are headquartered in a constantly evolving indoor tree house inspired by several organic styles of Gaudi-meets-Avatar-meets-Lord of the Rings.

We have examples of the sentient LED technology on hand along with other art and technology. We also have opportunities for attendees to help wire LEDS onto or program a small installation or for non technical visitors, help develop scenario ideas for our sentient lighting systems. We will have information and examples around about other fields of sustainable development whether they are related to technology or not.

Ansprechpartner: Scott Bolden


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