Daphnedj Sweeties Handmade

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My greedy boxes can both arise from raw materials such as wood, both from secondary containers, up to the creative use of simple containers everyday. I like to twist materials such as pannolenci and felt joining other raw materials to these tissues until they become unrecognizable to the use for which it was originally born … And here are shaped my Charlotte, my Sacher torte, my cheesecake with different flavors, with the foundation of traditional biscuits pannolenci ground, and my favorite dessert the Mont Blanc cake with chestnuts and whipped cocoa splash. This way I create endlessly … Lately I am passionate about the fake cake design using the crepla rubber which so resembles the sugar paste with its variety of colors and „flavors“, born as Red Velvet cake, cupcake and Wedding cake. They are always looking for new experiments

I intend to work on site to show the public how born my pastry. Bring colored felt, scissors, needle and thread to sew and assemble the cream puffs, donuts, croissants and cookies, then on rough boxes will use the hot glue to coat them and decorate them with freshly created.

Ansprechpartnerin: Mariza Grammatico


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