Space-Ready Organic Garden Pods for Fresh Food in Your Apartment

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The BioPic system was designed for growing vegetables with space in mind, but it will work in your tiny apartment. “BioPic is your little Garden in the big city,” be farmer of your own food. The idea is that a BioPic pod can grow fresh vegetables in small spaces in your home, organically and virtually on autopilot, our vertical and small home garden are dummies proof. “We developed these products for people that live in the big city but don’t have big gardens,” Mr. Reggiani said. The heart of the system is a special mat that users lay on top of a bed of soil. The mat has the seeds built in and optimally placed. It also has the nutrients the plants need built in, which is what makes it possible for it to work on space soil. Then a special lighting system delivers the optimal frequencies of light for the vegetables planted, Mr. Reggiani explained. If the user can’t handle watering plants, that can also be managed by Arduino, according to a release from the company.

We can talk about space agricolture and application of space technology to BioPic „Smart Urban Farming“, we can arrange a simulation of growing plants in martian environment and let children play with „the herbs game“.

Ansprechpartner: Renato Reggiani


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