Awesome Shield: Learn to Code and Invent

Standnummer: 15

Awesome Shield teaches aspiring inventors to code and build with Arduino. Our 60+ learning videos, simplified code, and Awesome Hardware give absolute beginners everything they need to get started coding and making! Created for kids 10+, loved by people of all ages. Get hands on with coding in this workshop. You bring a laptop and headphones. We have everything else.

Participants will watch videos online and learn to write code on a laptop (in the Arudino IDE). They will upload this code to an Arduino Uno, and see their code control the Awesome Shield hardware. The videos explain how to do everything from downloading and installing the Arduino IDE, through to writing code, and programming tools and concepts like if statements and for loops. Participants learn about programming and STEM by creating hands-on projects. We’ll also be really excited to talk to visitors about Arduino, coding, and making!

Ansprechpartner: Chris Palmer


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